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How to Save Water in Apartments


Most of us understand since childhood the importance of water in sustaining life on earth. For this reason, water has also been called the elixir of life. But it must be pointed out that resources are limited, and many areas face an extreme shortage of water. In such cases, it becomes essential to do our bit to conserve water. So here are some easy ways using which people can save water in their apartments.

  • Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth so that the water is not left running. 
  • The use of low-flow shower heads instead of taps is said to bring down water usage. These days, Tippy Taps are being used for handwashing purposes. They dispel only limited quantities of water at one time and hence avoid wastage of water.
  • Cover the swimming pool when nobody is using it. This will reduce evaporation of water from the pool if it is outside the apartment. 
  • The use of dual flush toilets allows people to flush two different levels of water and to save
  • Checking of all the water taps and faucets in the house to ensure that there are no leaks. In case of any leaks, get the faucet fixed as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary wastage of water.
  • Sweeping the sidewalks and driveways with brooms more often than washing with water is a more sensible idea to save water. 
  • Washing of fruits and vegetables in a vessel of water often saves more water than directly washing with running water.
  • The use of exactly the right amount of water for watering garden plants. If possible, adopt drip irrigation system for watering garden plants or crops. 
  • Watering plants in the initial hours of the morning is a good idea because it helps prevent loss of water by evaporation. 
  • Rainwater harvesting is a technique of collecting and accumulating rainwater for reuse rather than allowing it to run away. Many buildings and apartments have started rooftop rainwater harvesting as a method of water conservation. 
  • Installation of water meters will help one understand their usage of water. Preferably, water meters should be separate for every house rather than the same one for a building or a group of buildings because water consumption is often brought down when meters are different. 
  • Recycling of water and then using this recycled water for activities like washing cars, sidewalks, driveways and so on can help to reduce the usage of fresh water for these purposes. The relatively clean water from baths, sinks and so on is called greywater.
  • In addition to all of the above, creating awareness among other people regarding the various water conservation techniques and the importance of saving water is another step in the right direction.

Benefits of Water Conservation

  • By saving water, energy is also saved because every time water is moved, pumped or cleaned, power is used.
  • The drinking water resources are protected.
  • Pollution is reduced.
  • Money is also saved.


Most of these techniques mentioned above are simple to follow and incorporate into one's daily life. For some of the techniques like rainwater harvesting, the initial cost of installation may be somewhat high, but it will prove to be highly environment-friendly in the long run. It is surprising how these small habits can enable us to save significant quantities of water at an individual level, thereby allowing one to chip in their contribution to the bigger picture of water conversation.

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