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How Using Hankies Can Save Millions of Trees. Go Eco-friendly Use Handkerchief.


Trees are the reason for the breath we intake. To cut them worldwide to convert them to fulfil our demands is not a very bright idea.

Nowadays it is so usual to chop trees down to get paper tissues without even thinking twice about how it leads to increasing global warming.

As astonishing and abrupt as it may sound, it is highly preferable to use a handkerchief instead of getting hold of these tissues that does you no benefits.

A handkerchief is just a tiny little piece of cloth, but the immense change it can bring around can not only save our green mother, but also helps to fight problems such as global warming.

Leave the tissues alone

We are human beings, and we are dirty and selfish people. We don’t care a lot about how the earth feels as a result of which we take this planet for granted and treat it like a can of garbage.

Give it a thought and ask yourself, if the treatment she is receiving is right or wrong. Are you guilty? Don’t be. Mend it up by using a simple act of keeping everything clean and tidy.

There is also a small practice that you can follow and that is to use a hanky instead of the tissues. Using a tissue and throwing it is easy and being lazy is also okay but let’s not commit the crime of murdering these tissues.

Let’s leave the tissues behind and use handkerchiefs instead. Not too tough, right? Two benefits coming along, first, you will save trees but also it can makes the difference in fighting against  increasing rate of global warming too. The feeling that you get to post this is bringing you a peaceful good night’s sleep.

What do the surveys say?

According to a recent survey that was conducted in China by an environment body called Greensense, it has been concluded that the students residing in Hong Kong have made immense use of tissues which is very alarming. Out of 5,410 primary school students accounted and interviewed, twenty-seven percent of them were found to use tissues 5-6 times to wipe their faces and hands.

They were even asked about the use of fabric handkerchief and they collected the response of 52 % of the lower forms who regularly brought their handkerchief to school, and 35 % of the higher forms got themselves one.

Also, 68 % of the kids preferred using tissues and 54 % emphasized on the fact that tissues were cleaner.

What can be done?

According to the surveys, the problem is grave. Hong Kong is the prince of wasting tissues that is up to 20 tones of tissues every day which is equivalent to 333 trees a day and 10,000 trees in one month.

It is known that tissues cannot be recycled like paper and books. So, it’s time for Hong Kong to lock down their tissue boxes and use a handkerchief instead. This will lead to saving up to 2,000 trees in a whole month.


Don’t just read the article and let it go out of your brain. It is not only about Hong Kong but everyone out there who are lagging behind to show their love for nature. Love nature and get 2x times love back from the green earth.

We aim to save a total of one trillion litres of water by 2020. They swore to serve everyone with a responsible explanation to keep the environment safe from everything.

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