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AirOxy Self-Watering Pots Pack of 6

AirOxy Self-Watering Pots Pack of 6

Rs. 595.00 Rs. 650.00
Our Self-watering pot has a reservoir at the bottom that holds extra water. A cotton thread pulls water up into the root ball as needed by plants. Our Reservoir is large enough to supply water for several days.
  • No need to water every day. Saves Water & Time
  • Beautiful 3 blue + 3 green. Ideal for office, home.
  • Easy to maintain, when you travel or go out on weekend.
  • Water once in a week or 10 days depending on weather conditions.
  • Ideal for growing herbs in the kitchen or cleaning air indoor.
 Watering filling cycle and fill the bottom tank once in week or 10 days depending on the plant & weather conditions


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