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MDPS - Face Shield - Comfort (Pack of 100)

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    • MDPS- Micro Droplet Protection Screen
    • It is Worlds modest Micro Droplet Protection Screen and 10times cheaper than those imported from China.
    • MDPSprovides higher degree protection from getting infected through micro droplet viruses like COVID-19 virus.
    • The screen provides full facial protection from spray, splatter and micro droplets.
    • This screen reduces the inhalation exposure by 96% in the period immediately after a cough and reduces the surface contamination of a respirator by 97%. 
    • It is transparent, lightweight, anti-fog and made of recyclable pet bottle plastic.
    • The design makes it suitable for everyone and is easy to wear.
    • MDPS acts like a barrier and prevents the user from touching the face which is the initial important step to protect oneself from getting infected.

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