water saver foam aerator
Foam Flow Aerator 4LPM - (Pack of 25)
Foam Flow Aerator 4LPM - (Pack of 25)
Foam Flow Aerator 4LPM - (Pack of 25)
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Foam Flow Aerator 4LPM - (Pack of 25)

Regular price Rs. 3,425.00 Sale price Rs. 3,875.00
  • Foam/Bubble flow
  • Saves water, reduces water bill; helps to go green
  • Compatible to majority tap brands.
  • Suitable for sink taps. Suitable for home, Hotels, Schools, Hospital & Airports.
  • Size- M (Fits in 22 mm dia) (See video on sizes of Aerator)
  • Not sold in stores
  • For Bulk Quantity contact: Mob: 9686194712; E-mail: ankita@neosystek.com

Eco365 Aerator's convert existing taps into water saving taps. Eco365 Aerator needs to be fitted on the tip of taps. It shapes water stream coming out of tap and brings efficiencies in flow rate. Suitable for kitchen sink taps, wash-basin taps and common utility taps.



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