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Dual Thread Aerator 3 LPM - Shower Flow - Pack of 2

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  • Dual threaded shell makes it compatible to both male and female threaded tap.
  • With 3 LPM straight shower flow aerator you save water and reduce water bill.
  • Suitable for home, Hotels, Schools, Hospital & Airports(Wash basin & Sink taps)
  • Anti-Clogging filters. Resistant to scaling.
  • Size- M (Fits in 22mm dia)
  • Not sold in stores.
  • For Bulk Quantity contact: Mob: 9686194711; E-mail:

Eco365 Aerator needs to be fitted on the tip of taps. It shapes water stream coming out of tap and brings efficiencies in flow rate. Suitable for kitchen sink taps, wash-basin taps and common utility taps. Taps which have small aerator can replace there existing normal aerator with this water saving aerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much water Eco365 Aerator’s can save?

Depending up on flow rate you select and existing tap flow rate. We can save up to 80%.

2. How it needs to be maintained or cleaned? What is the life of Aerator?

Can be cleaned with the help of toothbrush or scrubber. May be once in 12 months if water is very hard.

3. How it functions?

It has water pressure adjusting mechanism inside, which adjust aerator flow rate to optimal flow rate designed for.

4. How to install it? Can I install it myself? Can you support with Video?

Installing it is very easy, You don't need a plumber as well.

  •  Unscrew the metal ring at the tip of Tap by hand or use required grip available at home.
  •  Remove the old aerator and shell and place the new Eco365days Anti-Theft shell with aerator.
  • Screw back the shell and aerator with the help of the key provided. Ensure ring/shell is tightly fixed and no leak is noticed at joints. Use Teflon tape if required. Flow Rate 3 LPM/3 Bar Pressure

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