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ClayPops (50 litres).

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  • ClayPops are lightweight porous structure made with
    natural clay. It is an excellent solution to many
    challenges faced by gardeners and indoor growers
    alike. ClayPops can be used in heavy soils to prevent
    compaction and enhance aeration & drainage. They are
    also be used in hydroponics as a stand-alone growing
    Other than gardening ClayPops can also be used in
    making lightweight concrete, geotechnical fillings,
    decorative purposes, water treatment & filtration,
    hydroponics, aquaponics and hydroculture. 
    How it helps in gardening
    Makes pot lightweight by up to 60%
    Reduces watering frequencies, retains water
    Ideal for replacement of soil
    Decorative like pebbles & cost saving
    Prevents compact or solid condition
    Reusable & long lasting
    Prevent root rots(less repotting)
    Eco-friendly(made with clay)
    Prevents weeds & disease