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Shower Filters Can Help you Reduce Hair Fall

Hair loss has become a prominent problem for women. There are various reasons behind it. This includes polluted water and not taking enough care of hair. As women place great importance on their hair, here we discuss how shower filters can help reduce hair fall and the correct way to use it and get maximum benefit from it. Shower filters actually protect both health and hair fall by removing the toxins from water.

How does it help in reducing hair fall?

When one takes a hot shower, it opens up the pores in the scalp which results in increased absorption of chlorine. Due to this, the dryness in the scalp and amount of hair loss increases. This has a long time effect on hair and makes it grow weaker and eventually break down and fall.

Thus the remedy to a dry scalp and damaged hair is to opt out from normal showers and use a shower filter which works to remove a large percentage of chemicals like chlorine, minerals and the bacteria found in them. The best thing about these water filters is that they don’t cost a fortune either. Hence, not only shower filters work to remove all factors leading to excessive hair fall better than most other remedies, it is also a very economical solution that can be used without burning a hole in your pocket.

How do shower filters work?

Filtration is the main method used in the shower filters. There are 4 methods that are normally used in shower filters. The most efficient and commonly used method in filters is KDF or Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. It is used in almost all shower filters installed in households and has the highest count of a copper-zinc alloy. This helps to create an electrical charge when the water is in flowing motion. These electric charges created then end up flowing through the water which helps in removing the impurities and thus making it chlorine free. KDF also removes other harmful impurities like iron, lead and other chemicals which are present in minute quantities in the flowing water. This also prevents the growth of algae and fungus which may otherwise start growing in the pipe of the shower nozzle.

 By using shower filters, therefore, the most dangerous metals in the water are removed, even if they are in minute quantities and the water is made chlorine free which makes sure that even if the pores of the scalp are opened up, there is no problem and it ensures that there is no additional hair loss and dryness due to using the shower.


Thus, shower filters are the most economical options to prevent hair fall and dryness in the scalp. It comes with various health benefits too as it destroys harmful chemicals in the water. Hence, there are various benefits in using the shower filters and they can be used to increase the health of the whole household. One should definitely consider using shower filters to prevent a lot of health issues that may have been otherwise present.

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