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How to protect yourself from covid - 19 while travelling?

Wash your hands
A basic hygiene habit, washing your hands rigorously can curb the risk of infection spread. When you travel, you come in contact with a lot of places and things which can be a breeding house for germs. While many use a sanitizer, remember, they can only act as a backup and not replace the effectiveness of handwashing.

Prefer to use bottled water and be aware of food contamination.
When you are travelling to unknown places, you can't be fully sure of the quality or purity of food and water. It might also happen that your gut bacteria might not react well to the local produce. Hence, you should be particularly aware of food contamination of any kind.

Do not forget to get vaccinated
Although there is no available vaccine available for COVID-19, getting vital flu and infection shots are a good way to lower your chances of developing or catching a common cold, flu and influenza viruses which are all linked to the spread of coronavirus infection and reduce the risk of respiratory infections as well. If you are travelling internationally, consult your healthcare professional for necessary travel advice.

Make others aware
As important as it is to limit your contact with those who are sick, it is also crucial you maintain distance from others if you are sick or think you are developing symptoms of any disease when you are travelling, on board a flight, train or cruise or in a space where there's a heavy crowd. Alert a doctor or a medical professional and get the necessary treatment. If you are returning, practice self-isolation and inform your doctor at once.

Don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth frequently
While masks won't necessarily protect you from infection risk altogether, what one shouldn't do is frequently touch the eyes, mouth and the nose, especially with unwashed hands.

Don’t forget to wear a mask
Before stepping out of the house don’t forget to wear your mask.Wear the mask throughout your entire journey. You can buy your masks from ECO365 which are reusable,washable,stylish, multicolored and available at affordable prices.

Alcohol based hand sanitizer
Use alcohol based hand sanitizer immediately after you reach the airport and keep using at intervals.
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