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How Eco365 is saving a Trillion Litre of Water by end of 2020

Eco 365 made a humble beginning in the year 2010 with the objective to provide sustainable and responsible solutions to protect the environment. Eco 365 promises themselves to provide solutions; that lead to a simpler and self-sufficient way of living. Adoption of their solutions would result in conservation of water and energy, minimize waste, protect the environment & contribute health. They created solutions based on client feedback and will continue to do so in future. This resulted in creation of solutions that were just right and needed by many and are unique as well. So far they have 2K + clients 4K+ Projects executed 3500+cr litres of water saved.

Water can be saved through a combination of simple changes in behavior and by installing water saving fixtures at washrooms.

Eco365 Water Saving Aerators/Adaptors
Innovative adaptor for washbasin & sink taps can reduce water wastage by up to 87%. Water dispenses in shower/spray type patterns to give higher efficiency in wash; while using very less water in comparison to your regular taps.

Eco365 Water Saving Taps
Eco365 Taps perform better with less water usage when compared to regular taps. These taps compensate the water pressure and give a defined water flow rate, therefore less water wastage & more savings on water bills.

Eco365 Neo Water Flow Restrictors (NFR)
NFR are designed to maintain water pressure while reducing water flow in taps and showers by up to 60%. They are installed on pipelines connecting to taps & showers to restrict the flow rate of water at source. NFRs are also recommended for taps, which do not have an option to install an aerator; also NFRs are best for places where we have chances of users tampering the tap or shower for selfish needs. They are available in flow rate 6 to 8 Litres/min.

Eco365 Water Saving Showers
These smart Water Saving Showers could give you massive water savings at home. Regular showers flow at 15 to 20 litres water per minute(LPM) or even more, whereas these new showers typically flow at 6- 8 litres per minute (or less!)

Eco365 Water free Urinal Solutions
Water free urinals, a very popular concept in European countries, is now considered a good solution to save water in Indian offices as well. We save 100% water on urinals flushing by using water free/less urinals at office washrooms; we also create less waste water, thus saving on recycling cost as well. These urinal are hygienic, odor free and elegant in design

Eco365 Green Toilet Bank Flush Tank Water Savers
Economical, maintenance free 'Green Toilet Bank' is a very easy method to save water on toilet flushes, they can save you up to 2 liters of water on every flush without any sacrifice on performance. Tank Bank when filled with water is installed inside the flush tank and it displaces an equivalent amount of water i.e. 2 liters upon every flush, which means every flush we will save water, thus saving you money and less the water you use, less you need to recycle it. An average family of four could save approximate 11,650 liters of water annually. (4 times flushing x 2 liters saving x 4 member family x 365 =11,650 liters)

Help us reach our goal of saving trillion litres of water by the end of 2020.

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